Lisboa Lisbon lab

Catarina, Marco, Inês and Rafaela

Marco, Ana, Rafaela and Luísa

Ana Catarina Ramalho


inês COsta

M.SC. STUDENT____________________

Luisa-in-Lab_circleLuísa Romão

Head of mRNA Metabolism Group    

ocr-a_char_quotation_mark Success isn’t about being the best. It’s about always getting better. – Behance 99U

marco-kamogawa-circular-2Marco M Candeias

Principal Investigator                                         

ocr-a_char_quotation_mark Creativity in science, as in art, cannot be organized. It arises spontaneously from individual talent. Well-run laboratories can foster it, but hierarchical organizations, inflexible bureaucratic rules, and mountains of futile paperwork can kill it. – Max Perutz

asset-2Rafaela Lacerda

Research Fellow                      

ocr-a_char_quotation_mark I am a heartfelt biologist who loves writing and directing for the stage. I like people and teamwork, either in the lab or at the theater. Summertime could last the whole year and I would never get tired of the sun and the heat.


2017-2019 . . . . . M.SC. STUDENT | Research Assistant                            

Beatriz Gomes
2018-2019 . . . . . M.SC. student

Ana Rita Neves
2016-2018 . . . . . M.SC. STUDENT