2nd p53 Workshop in Japan ’19

Two years after our first p53 workshop in Japan, we had the pleasure to organize our second p53 Workshop in Japan together with Rieko Ohki (National Cancer Center) and Kaori Fujita (Kyoto University). Thank you all for coming – we had a full room! We are very grateful to MBSJ2019 and our biggest thanks go to our speakers: Tomoo Iwakuma, Koji Itahana, Kiyoto Kamagata and Shinpei Yamaguchi.

List of speakers and talk titles:

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p53 Workshop in Japan

The p53 Workshop in Japan took place during the ConBio2017 in Kobe and was co-organised by MaRCU and Rieko Ohki from the National Cancer Center Japan.

Thank you all for coming! I hope you enjoyed the amazing talks as much as we did. Special thanks to ConBio2017 and invited speakers Sir David Lane (A*STAR), Masanobu Oshima (Kanazawa U) and Kanaga Sabapathy (National Cancer Center Singapore). Here are some of the photos. See you again soon!


Marco, Sakura, David, Mei, Rieko, Kohei & Kanaga

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Mutant p53 functions depend on truncated isoforms



Wild‐type p53 functions as a tumour suppressor while mutant p53 functions as an oncogene. In this new study we propose that this switch depends on Δ160p53, the most conserved isoform of p53, which is overexpressed in p53 mutant cells.

Here is a video by leading author Marco explaining the importance of the findings:


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